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Organic Certifications

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"We have tested many samples of feed and milk in the last 2 years and have never got such good and consistent results."

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The milk, the grass, and animal feed all are tested and the results are there for you to see - The Right Moo Milk is 100% PURE and contains ZERO harmful chemicals!
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Antibiotics in the milk you get in the market
Whenever cattle get unwell, they are usually given antibiotics which finds its way into the milk. Nearly 99% of the packet milk you get has it. This has a serious consequence - it makes us RESISTANT to certain antibiotics!
It's fantastic... really fresh. My tea tastes better and my son loves it too and asks for it every morning.
Go for it guys !!! Ritika Agarwal, Chennai  
The milk is of much better quality than anything I've had in this city before. The option of slim milk is also a big plus.
Great packaging and timely delivery, which makes the experience that much better! Saimah Musvee, Chennai  
Organic, hygienic milk with great service, The Right Moo ticks all the boxes! Kirthana Dorairaj, Chennai  
I have been on the lookout for good quality milk in Chennai for the last couple of years. And, finally your milk has arrived
and I'm satisfied with the quality and taste. Thank you for bringing a product of good quality. Zoheb Anser, Chennai
I tried The Right Moo Milk a few days ago. I used to have milk like this when I was 10.
It brought back old memories. Thank you The Right Moo Pramesh Iyer, Chennai