July 05 2018
Many food products we consume on a daily basis contain synthetic/artificial colours and flavours which have adverse health effects - organic products do not use any chemicals.

Antibiotics in milk - Cows as a result of their digestive process pass all the antibiotics they are injected with into their milk. People who consume this milk, develop resistance to antibiotics. Thousands of people die every year as a result of antibiotic resistance. Organic milk has no antibiotics.

Hormones in milk - Cows in traditional dairy farms are regularly injected with hormones to give extra milk output. Similar to antibiotics, these hormones are then passed into the cow’s milk. Such hormones severely effect young girls and boys leading to the onset of early puberty. Organic milk has no hormones.

Pesticides - As a reader, we are sure you are already aware of the danger of pesticides in food. Organic food has no pesticides.

Presence of heavy metals in milk - Heavy metal contaminants like mercury, lead, chromium, etc. pose multiple health risks. Organic milk has no heavy metal presence.

All the unwanted adulterants/contaminants a cow ingests, gets stored mostly in fat. Maximum contamination is usually found in toned milk or any milk product which has more than 1% fat. Organic milk is free of all chemicals and adulterants.

Ice cream, since it contains a higher percentage of fat, is the most affected dairy product as it has 4 time more fat content than toned milk. Organic ice cream is hence much safer than regular ice cream as its fat has no chemicals.
May 18 2018
Why is organic expensive? CONTINUE READING
Not adding urea and pesticides reduces cattle feed and grass crop production by 40% resulting in much higher feed cost.

Vitamins, protein and other ingredients mixed in our cattle feed are all natural. These cost 4 times than the chemical/synthetic options.

We ensure no Aflatoxin in our milk and this increases feed cost by 10%.

We do not inject hormones into our cows. This results in a lower output per cow as compared to conventional dairy farms which again impacts our price.

We do not inject antibiotics into our cows and only give homeopathic medicine which make our milk costs higher.

Organically grown fruits and fruit paste cost 50% more than the synthetic options. We use them to make Aamrus, ice cream etc. The same applies to the organic coffee we use for making cold coffee.

Using natural colours and flavours increases costs significantly compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Organic Sulphur-free sugar that we buy costs almost twice as much as regular sugar. We use Organic sugar in cold coffee, Aamrus, ice cream etc.
March 13 2018
Take a look how The Right Moo Organic Pure Cow Milk fares against your regular market and farm fresh milk.
Name Our organic milk Farm fresh Market milk
Aflatoxin M-1

Other Wrong Milk Facts:

  • The packet milk available in the market is NOT cow milk. It is mixed with buffalo milk and milk powder to increase the thickness.
  • In most of the small farms, the cows are milked by hands in an open environment, exposed to contaminations like dung, urine, pesticides, flies etc. that could get in the milk.
  • The milk is stored in drums for prolonged duration. This increase acidity in milk and T bacteria count in the milk increases dramatically within an hour if the milk if not immediately stored at 4°C.
  • Growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics given to the cow find its way into the packet milk. This can cause serious health issues in pregnant mother and young children by advancing or delaying puberty.
With India being the largest producer of milk in the world, there is an urgent need to educate the public and improve the standards. We have taken up the responsibility because we believe it is the right move.

When you choose The Right Moo Organic Pure Cow Milk, you can rest assured that you are getting the best for your family.
Jan 10 2018
All of us consume a good amount of milk and milk products everyday be it in our morning coffee or the curds and yogurts as part of our meals. But do we stop to question, how healthy and pure is the milk? Unfortunately the milk that we get is from cows and buffalos that are pumped up with steroids, antibiotics and hormones which is harmful to us.

In an effort to ensure that milk produced as nature intended, we at The Right Moo, are now creating a white revolution of the organic kind, on the Cauvery-Thanjavur belt with THE RIGHT MOO.

The family established a 40-acre organic dairy farm for the Holstein-Friesian cattle to produce fresh & 100% Organic Milk & Milk products with indigenous fodder production systems spread across the 300-acre farm. The pastures are free of fertilizers and pesticides. The cows are not treated with antibiotics, this simply means that the milk is 100% ORGANIC AND PURE.

The Right Moo believes in continual, uncompromising commitment to provide organic milk of quality expectation that is second to none. Organic agriculture, the humane treatment of animals and sustainable production are the cornerstones of their business. Our processing facility and farms are soon to be certified organic by NPOP.